Senin, 06 Februari 2017

Gold Prices Seen gains as Outlook Less aggressive Fed

Gold Prices Seen gains as Outlook Less aggressive Fed - The price of gold is seen maintaining its gains in the European session to move at the level of $ 1.224, in the middle - the middle of the investors also will reconsider expectations for gold prices to the rate of the increase in interest rates is seen to be more aggressive from the Federal Reserve this year. Gold prices last week rose about 2.4%, it was the best weekly rise in price in the last seven months.

The latest US employment report that showed the number of job growth that exceeded expectations, but still looks sluggish wage growth, it is also likely to encourage the Fed to adopt an approach that would be more cautious about interest rate hikes this year.

Based on the Fed rate Monitor Tool, Fed interest rates in the future will be estimated to be less than 10%, and therefore for the occasion a rate hike in March after the jobs data on Friday. Meanwhile, opportunities for advancement in June looks more than 60%.  Try "demo account Trading"

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