Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

Gold Prices Decline Due Burdened Technical Factor

Gold Prices Decline Due Burdened Technical Factor - Gold prices fell to $ 1,226 price in result burdened technical factors. In early European trading session the price of gold also failed penetrate
key resistance level, gold price decline of about 0.30%. But Federal Reserve policy comments still restrict weakening gold prices. The price of gold has also been touched an intraday low of $ 1,226.88 price on Asian session

Some analysts argue that the price of gold fell on this day caused by technical factors and negative movements that occur as well as the failure area past the resistance level at $ 1,235.

Meanwhile Chicago Fed President Charles Evas, earlier this week Chicago Fed President Charles Evas signaled the US central bank will not rush - hurry to raise interest rates. Evans also said that the Fed also needs time to digest the data - economic and financial data and also the clarity of fiscal policy plans under President Donald Trump. So the central bank will likely wait at least until the policy meeting in June to decide on interest rate adjustments back.